The Detail

The original three-spoke design

Balancing safety, comfort, and speed.


Aerospace–grade carbon Monocoque.

FailSafe engineering for optimum safety and comfort, the unique elbow structure delivers comfort and security with every rotation.

All backed-up by our lifetime warranty to guarantee ultimate peace of mind!

Spengle wheels are hand and machine made in our state-of-the-art facility in Slovakia at the base of the Tatra Mountains. Each wheelset starts its journey in our lazer-cutter, where we create our bespoke hand-wrapped carbon layups.

We use a mix of traditional techniques and cutting-edge machinery to create the wheel’s iconic shape. Each piece in our carbon layup is individually lazer-etched, then during the first stage assembly we insert an RFID tag into the blade.

RFID tagging allows us to monitor the whole construction process, each step operating within defined parameters, and monitored via our secure technical cloud – this level of detail ensures that only the very best product is created, and this precision is what enables us to offer our lifetime warranty.

Our hubs are custom-machined from aircraft-grade aluminium, then plasma-bonded with the monocoque body to ensure total system integrity, delivering the most advanced wheel on the planet, and the most exciting ride of your life!

The sum of all these parts is to create a cutting-edge product, suitable for the most advanced mountain bike, but stylish enough for the most fashion conscious casual rider – incredible looks, stunning performance, and a lifetime warranty; and each wheelset is shipped with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee!

Technical details

Weight from 1750g
Wheel Size: 650b / 27.5″
External Rim Width: 30mm
Internal Width: 24mm
Rim Depth: 41mm
Rim Bed Standard: ETRTO24TSS

Disc Standard: Centrelock (6-bolt adaptors supplies as standard)
Tubeless Usage: Yes – SPENGLE wheels are designed as tubeless by default.
Recommended Tyre Widths: 42mm – 64mm (1.65″ – 2.5″)
Recommended Tyre Pressures: Check tyre manufacturer for details – MAXIMUM 4BAR.
Recommended Tubeless Valve Lengths: 55mm – 60mm

Warranty: Lifetime – no questions asked.

Cassette Compatibility: Shimano HG & SRAM PG 10 & 11 speed MTB cassettes are fully compatible across all rear wheels. SRAM NX/Eagle & SunRace 12 speed cassettes are available with BOOST rear wheels only. SRAM XG EMTB Cassette is also compatible with BOOST rear wheels only.

A 1.85mm spacer is provided to provide the most secure fit for MTB cassettes to the free hub body.

SRAM XD is available on BOOST wheels only. Shimano Microspline is available across BOOST and Standard widths.

Cassette Size Range: Shimano Road – 11-34 only, Shimano & SRAM MTB 11-50 (standard width), SRAM & SunRace 11-50 (BOOST width only)

Thru-axle: 15/12×100/110mm front, 12×142/148mm rear – 3rd party adaptors are available to accommodate more options.

Max System Weight: 120kg
Country of Origin: Slovakia – all wheels are manufactured within the European Union.

If you don’t see your question being asked, or are simply not sure, contact us either via chat below, or via email here.


Established in 1988, SPENGLE has grown from a garage experiment and part-time passion project to a multinational business, operating from units across Europe; with our crown jewel being a custom 1200sq.m facility in the foothills of the Low Tatra mountain range in Slovakia.

It’s here that we make each and every wheel, the final touch before packing and shipping being the signature from our Quality Assurance Manager – no wheels ship without that vital signature.

But it hasn’t always been this way…

SPENGLE has been in the MTB scene in Europe for over thirty years, acknowledged as true pioneers in the industry, we were the first to create the carbon disc wheel for track racing, developing a winning reputation right from the outset, we counted World and Olympic champions as our customers, and as our friends.

From the track to the Peloton, and the introduction of the carbon monocoque SPENGLE TRITON brought renewed success, and continued growth as the company were inundated with orders.

In 1992 the SPENGLE MTB3 carbon monocoque was launched to the world, and the bike industry was never the same again. Not only able to deliver phenomenal speed and handling capabilities, the newly launched wheels were also eye-catching and soon to be mounted to bikes away from the mountains.

The company has always looked to create the best possible product, to deliver the ultimate in ride experience, but alongside that technical passion has been an aesthetic one – SPENGLE simple looks better as well, the cutting edge in precision, performance, and passion.

SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque wheels have helped riders win Crocodile Trophies in Australia, RAAM in the US, and downhill speed records; they have crossed the planet on globe-trotting adventures, brought traffic to standstill with their beauty, and ensured that every rider got off their bike feeling better than they got on it – they truly are the ultimate ride accessory to deliver smiles.

Today riders are looking to Spengle for a new kind of ride, a new rotation in the pursuit of fun.

Unrivalled engineering

The SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque was envisaged to be the fastest, safest, and most agile ENDURO wheel on the market. We knew that when it came to creating the ultimate wheel we had to look past what the market was saying and doing, true outside-the-box thinking.

We spent 3 years experimenting with carbon layups, with cut patterns, and with fibre angles, a fraction of a millimetre here, and a fraction there. When just 1/100 of a millimetre can make the difference between right and wrong, we followed the old adage of ‘measure twice, cut once’.

From our facility in Slovakia we are able to produce over 10,000 pairs of wheels each year, with every one of them hand-signed to guarantee their technical capabilities.

Having our own factory means we are able to control the creation of the wheels far better than off-shoring it elsewhere, it also means that we are able to experiment and continually develop our product range, our test riders can be seen on the trails and slopes of the High Tatra Mountains putting the latest in materials science through their paces.

If enduro is not your style then don’t worry,  the SPENGLE Carbon monocoque is equally at home as an all-mountain/XC wheel, and has found a place on the adventure scene as an awesome 650b gravel-bike wheel.

True innovation, a willingness to adapt and to experiment on an idea, and a passion for creating the most exciting product available has resulted in an unrivalled product, a genuine smile-inducer, and the safest product on the market.

All backed up with a lifetime warranty and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee so you can experience this quantum leap for yourself.