The beginning of the circle

There are a lot of questions about SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque wheels, which is normal for a groundbreaking product. Mountain bike or road bike? Why Carbon? And what do we have against spokes? 

Here’s an insight behind the scenes so you can understand how we went from idea to finished product. This is why the SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque wheels are the best you can have on your bike!

Let’s start with the simplest question: why did we choose carbon as the material?

Why Carbon?

Carbon is the common name for the carbon fibres, which are assembled to a finished product and fixed with a synthetic resin. The biggest advantage of carbon is its excellent weight-stability ratio, which makes it far superior to aluminium and other materials used elsewhere. Carbon allows us to make shapes and functions possible that would not be conceivable with other materials.

If you imagine carbon as a tool to achieve a goal, it is currently the most practical tool to use, and that is the crux of it – we use carbon because it allows us to do a specific job – similarly we use aluminium in our hub bodies because that is the correct tool to use for that job.

Our Blades

So much for the material. Let’s get to the blades, the next big innovation, and the one that is most striking from an aesthetics point of view. The blades are here to replace the traditional spoked wheel, providing superior shock dispersement characteristics, and ultimately a safer, more agile riding experience.

The fundamental design of a spoked wheel has not changed since the invention of the wheel and in many ways, it is justified, because for a great many people the job it does is ‘good enough’. 

However the idea that “the wheel should not be reinvented,” is ridiculous: for 150 years engineers and mechanics have sought to improve everyday products and systems, that’s the essence of progress -and for the most part, it is not an easy task. 

Nevertheless, there is always room and necessity for development and innovation. The industry as a whole has always looked at refining an existing product, a task of iteration – however, we have taken a different path; throwing away the shackles of existing thought and looking to create a product for the 21st century.

At SPENGLE we have invested over three years of time, and millions of euros in research to achieve exactly that, coming up with the product that we were now able to launch to the world. 

We didn’t just have a handmade niche product in mind though, we’ve always thought on a larger scale, with production cycles so efficient that we can bring our wheels to market in large quantities, with perfect quality, and crucially at a reasonable price!

Our Wheels

If purchased as a Plug and Play option, once the SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque wheel arrives at your home, all you have to do is fit it, it’s ready to go! But as is the case with mountain bikes and their attachments, that first assembly is only the start of the journey!

So that you can enjoy your new SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque wheels to the fullest, with peace of mind on every ride, we have made them the strongest wheels of their weight, and the lightest wheels of their strength!

We trust our engineering enough that in the unlikely event that you do break them, we offer you a crash replacement: write to us or call us and we will find a solution. Even if you drove over them while parking, we will look after you (we will notice the difference ;-))

Over the coming months, we will be regularly updating the site with more answers about what we do and why we do it! Get in touch via Twitter or Facebook to ask away, and make sure you sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date!