‘Create the best mountain bike wheel on the planet’

Pour 75 years of combined experience in materials science, engineering, and product design to produce a wheel unlike any other. Compromise-free, with incredible handling, superior strength, and baked-in safety features, the SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque allows the rider to connect with the ride in a manner unheard of.

In the beginning

Of course, it was never going to be easy, if it was then it would have been done already. But we knew that – it was planned for. It was never going to happen overnight, the reality is, it’s taken us 18 months longer than we expected.

We searched across continents for the optimal manufacturing base, settling on our European hub. Our goal, excellent logistics to get the finished product to our customers as efficiently as possible.

We’ve pushed back launch dates, to the frustration of everyone in the company, and undoubtedly to those customers who saw what they liked from our initial social media posts.

The SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque is an incredible product, we’ve ridden it, jumped it, and got the test results. We’ve been on one heck of a journey to get this far. Now our journey restarts as the wheels begin to land on every continent.

Where we are now

Our wheels are currently with couriers across the globe, from Australia, throughout Asia, Europe, and to the Americas. SPENGLE customers are about to unbox the result of three years of development, refinement, and more than a few heated discussions…

To Phil, Jansen, Mo, and the many others who have trusted us with your hard-earned cash, we appreciate your patience and that trust, and we are grateful that you are part of our SPENGLE family.

To the teams that work in Austria, the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, and Slovakia. THANK YOU for getting us this far.

Now, let the fun begin!