Right from the very start we have never wanted to be like the other brands, we looked at the wheel with a different perspective, knowing that there was more technology could offer than the humble spoke.

We wanted, and still do, to bring a sense of joy and fun to the humble bicycle, to have every ride accompanied by a sense of freedom, of curiosity, and to put a smile on the face.

And we made a promise to you the readers of our journal, and to the subscribers to our newsletter; we made a promise to keep you up to date with developments.

We’ve been quiet for a few months, during which our engineers have been working hard in our research facility in Austria, our craftswomen and men have been refining what they do in our manufacturing facility in Slovakia, and we’ve seen fabulous work from our purchasing and logistics teams, and now we can share the results with you.…

The wheel.

We’ve forensically re-examined all our processes, tweaking, experimenting, and evolving the internal structure of the wheel, and the results are in… We’ve reduced the weight by 15%, and at the same time increased its strength by 24%.

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? read more here


The price.

Because of the efforts of our buying teams, and our focus on quality improvement, we also made big gains in efficiency within the manufacturing department – and we are passing those savings on to you! (like we said, we think differently to our competitors!)

Effective immediately, we have lowered our prices below the €1,000 mark! With our Classic black wheelset coming in at just €950, whilst our coloured varieties can be on your doorstep for just €990 (this doesn’t count for the strictly limited, hand-painted Collections sets though – they are still priced to support the artists that work on them!).

“This is not a sale, this is not a promotional price, this is our commitment to offering the best possible product at the most competitive pricing we can!”

We are now partnered with the good people at Klarna so are able to offer forms of finance on our wheels, from 30 days, through 3 months, up to 24 month payment options – offerings depend upon geographical location, and may be subject to credit checks.

New sizes of wheel.

Yes, they are coming!

We have been working on a 700c Road wheel, and also a 29” MTB wheel, if all goes to plan we will complete final testing in January and February, and they will be available for pre-order late February!

We will be giving out more details as they solidify, suffice to say that they look incredible, and they will represent the most advanced wheels on the planet!


E-bike compatibility.

It’s always been possible to ride our wheels with an e-bike – if you were prepared to attach an external motor sensor to the blade… But now we’ve developed our own custom enclosure inside the blade to accommodate the sensor that would normally attach to a spoke!

Incredible performance, same great style!

When you purchase your new wheels simply add a note to the order form and we will be in touch to confirm the sizing that you need for the sensor – it will add an extra couple of weeks to the process, but these will be custom made for you and your bike!

The safest, fastest, and most stylish wheels just got the added bonus of being ready for the E-bike revolution!


So that’s what we have been up to these last few months; our progress has been remarkable, our focus relentless, the passion inspiring.

2020 is going to be a busy time for SPENGLE!