Every day we are contacted from riders that want us to sponsor them with either SPENGLE wheels, cash, or both.

95% of the emails we receive don’t get a 2nd glance. Why not? Because they’re not well written, don’t include any imagery, any results, any media stats etc.

Your job as a sponsored rider is to help sell SPENGLE wheels, if you can’t sell yourself in an email to us, it’s not a great start!

Pitch us! Tell us why it should be YOU that gets to ride the most advanced wheels in the world.  Don’t be vague, be specific, why you, what can you offer that nobody else can?

And honestly, you don’t have to be the best racer in the world (but it helps), and you don’t need to have 100k instagram followers (also helps), but you need to fit the SPENGLE brand – so tell us why you do!

We try to reply to everyone, and with honest feedback – if we say get some better results and come back in a year, we mean it – we’ll look again!

If you think you are the right person and can represent SPENGLE through your riding and life, then email us – let us know via sponsorship@spengle.com