We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get our wheels out there for the world to see and we’re now starting to see reviews in the media, the first of which has come from Redbull. And it’s good!

The reviewer, Stuart Kenny, is an experienced mountain biker based in Edinburgh, Scotland so we wanted him to put a set of our Carbon Monocoque wheels through their paces. He spent time on them around some of Scotland’s enduro trails as well as more locally in the Pentland Hills.

Photo: Stuart Kenny

Before Stuart could get going, he first had to wangle them off the bike mechanic mounting them to his bike. In our experience, SPENGLE wheels turn heads whether they’re in a bustling city or out in the wilds of a MTB trail centre.

“The striking aesthetic, at least, is pretty indisputable.”

“Whizzing down more flowy singletrack though, and the distinctive sound of the wind whistling through the Spengle blades, you’d allow yourself to be convinced that they might be on to something after all.”

“The wheels feel manoeuvrable in a way that makes them ride lighter than we thought they might…but it’s the indestructible feel of the wheels, and that promise of reliability…that may be Spengle’s biggest selling point.”

CEO of SPENGLE, Pius Brauchart, backs up Stuart’s review with our vision for the future: we have hard-working engineers pushing the boundaries of what’s perceived to be possible in the wheel market. We’re expecting to see the wheel on the top steps of podiums in the not too distant future because we know it works, we know it rides well and now and the Redbull team can back us up.

Check out the full review here and keep your eyes peeled for the latest reviews from the cycling media and beyond.

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