What’s Included


Get the bare wheels and manage the mounting yourself, or via the assistance of your local bike shop.

A pair of SPENGLE wheels in 650B (27.5”)
Cassette + Chain
Disc Rotors
Schwalbe tires
Pre-mounted components
6-Bolt adaptors
Lifetime warranty learn more

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We love engineering; its what we do best. However, we appreciate that most of you are not nerds, and that more than anything, you just want to ride. This is why we have done our best to take care of the techie stuff, so you can focus on trails.





At SPENGLE we looked to rid ourselves of the shackles of the traditional spoked wheel. Instead of looking back to the 19th century for our inspiration, we looked forward, utilising the technology and expertise of the 21st century that we live in! Order your wheels

  • Do I need a Quick Release or Thru Axle wheel?
    First off, you don’t need to worry, because your new SPENGLE Carbon wheelset comes with adaptors for both systems! When you are looking at your existing wheels do you have a bolt on the opposite end to the skewer handle? If you have a bolt then you are rolling with Quick Releases, if your shaft is smooth all the way down then it’s a Thru Axle.
  • How do I measure the length/diameter of my front axle correctly?
    Either use the free configuration tool that we can send to you, or a tape measure. The measurement you are looking for is the distance between the two sides of the hub – it should be either 100, or 110mm.
  • Is there an alternative to measuring?
    Of course! Simply take your bike to your local bike shop and ask them!
  • What is Boost?
    Boost is one of the industry standards for hub width. It’s a relatively new idea, and it boils down to the additional width (6mm on the rear and 10mm on the front) ensuring a more rigid hub, with increases to stiffness and rigidity, and more precision for the rider. Not sure if you have boost? You can either look for the word ‘BOOST’ on the hub itself, or simply measure it – a boost front hub will be 110mm wide, whilst the rear is 148mm.
  • Understanding cassette gearing (no. of teeth)
    The more rings your cassette has, the more choice you have as a rider, and normally the smoother the gear changes will be (the chain won’t have to move so far between rings). The larger the ring, the more teeth it has, and the more teeth it has then the easier you can climb the gnarliest of trails – or simply look after your knees when it gets vertical! On the other hand, if the number of teeth is low, this means your gears are closer together, and this means the gears will feel more like each other. If you are a racer, this is probably for you, if you are not challenging for a podium, go for a wider range!
  • Is there a total weight limit?
    Yes, we recommend a total weight of 120kg, that’s rider, bike, and kit.
  • Where are the wheels most at home?
    Your new SPENGLE wheels are designed for enduro, XC, single track, urban, and gravel usage.


Your bike is in your basement and you don’t want to bring your PC? No worries, just print out our handy ‘How to measure’ PDF. PRINT ‘HOW TO MEASURE’ PDF


Easy to snap out and measure the hub lengths without any measuring tape. Just make sure your wheels fit your bike. ORDER CONFIGURATOR KIT

Using a high-end blend of carbon fibre, and state of the art production techniques, including “Industry 4.0” and FEM, SPENGLE are able to produce a wheelset that redefines what the rider can expect from their wheels.

Instead of merely adding dimples to the rim and calling it progress, SPENGLE have looked to re-engineer the entire wheel. The elbow structure allows us to use the properties of carbon fibre to redistribute the incoming forces away from the rider and across the wheel as a whole, smoothing the experience for the rider.

RFID chipping and controlled measurements at every step of the process allow SPENGLE to monitor the structural integrity of the wheel throughout the manufacturing process.
Our engineering team has decades of experience between them; in automotive, aerospace, cycling and ski-sports, including having helped Olympic and World Champion athletes go faster than their competitors.

SPENGLE is a customer-centric company, we are passionate riders ourselves, and place the customer riding experience at the very heart of all that we do.