aerospace technology

The result of over 20 years experience in the application and production of high-performance carbon structures, the SPENGLE Carbon  Monocoque uses state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software.

We use the most up-to-date technologies and manufacturing processes throughout the development cycle, including aerospace grade metals to create our bespoke hub casings – delivering an extraordinary strength/weight ratio – utilising a plasma activation treatment to ensure complete system integrity.



We offer a lifetime warranty on the wheel, if you manage to break it, get in touch and we will sort it! The SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque is the strongest wheel for its weight, and the lightest wheel for its strength.


Bringing you the best materials for your Bike Wheel

It makes sense to use materials that have proven themselves for specific applications, their qualities stand out from the rest. This is why we use grades of carbon that can be found in the aircraft, vehicle, and sporting goods industries.

However, the real value for our customers comes from bringing our considerable experience, engineering expertise, and the materials together – producing an end product that will delight you on every ride.



First to be part of the new normal

Our aim is to do what the car did to the horse and cart, the electronic vehicle is doing to the combustion engine, and what the touchscreen did to phone buttons. Simply put, the SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque is the start to a new revolution in cycling.

We’ve invested heavily in having a process-driven manufacturing facility, through superior IT integration (Industry 4.0) we are able to guarantee that every wheel that rolls off our line is the safest, fastest, most agile bike wheel on the market.


Built especially for you

Each wheel is RFID enabled to allow us to track it throughout its lifetime, from production through to shipping and the end-user.

As riders ourselves we want our customers to be able to trust their equipment. To the extent that we have integrated safety into the core of our design process – we have called the accumulation of technology and protection in our wheels Failsafe – if the worst happens on your ride you should always be able to rely on your SPENGLE wheels to help get you home.

Creating the best rider experience

A pair of SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque wheels sub-2000-grams, significantly lighter than previous one-piece wheels, but that weight tells only a small part of the rider experience story.

Weight is an interesting focus of the industry as a whole – when your product is essentially the same as every other wheel out there you have to try and justify its price by throwing numbers around – we strongly feel that the aim should always be to provide the best possible combination of weight, strength, and stiffness to ensure the rider experience.
Our core focus is the enduro rider, and for that rider we’ve worked to optimise those ratios to deliver the best ride possible.
We spoke to hundreds of riders about where they felt they were being neglected by traditional wheel firms for their needs, so our product was born from a research background, where we really listened to the concerns of riders, allowing us to tune the wheel to those needs.
By working with the best materials, and some incredibly talented and visionary team members, we’ve been able to challenge ourselves to create a product that has no rivals in the market. From its stunning visuals through to its ride qualities the SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque absolutely delivers across all fronts.