The advantages of carbon fibre bike wheels

Carbon fibre in its naked form has a superior space-age appearance that exudes speed and sophistication. Like bears to honey, moths to a flame, Simon Cowell to high waists. Cyclists of all disciplines are attracted to carbon fibre. Be it a state-of-the-art TT handlebar cockpit, an ultra-light climber’s frame, or some sexy tri-blade wheels; the allure of that obsidian black, woven patterned composite triggers our brain to release dopamine in abundance. Sending us to a happy shiny place.

As a company that’s been a part of the MTB world since the eighties, we know the allure of obsidian more than most.

Carbon fibre wheels are a mainstay of the modern road cycling peloton, triathlon scene, and cyclocross world. More recently, however, carbon fibre wheels have begun to gain favour and popularity in the MTB world too. The modern-day incarnation of carbon fibre is strong, durable, flexible, and responsive. Finally, a material with which to build wheels fit for the trail.

Weight, speed, and agility

You just can’t argue with science – carbon fibre is lighter than aluminium. You can add to that the fact that reducing weight in aluminium wheels is likely to reduce the stiffness and strength, compromising performance. ‘Stiffness to weight’ ratio has long been held as a key indicator to performance in bike riding and carbon fibre offers a fantastic solution to this.

With over three years invested in research and design, SPENGLE has optimised to achieve the highest level of aerodynamics which offers a significant advantage over traditional spoked wheels.

With increased stiffness and strength comes the ability to achieve greater acceleration and maintain higher speeds for the same effort. The cutting-edge design and technology used to create SPENGLE wheels afford improved handling for a faster and safer ride.

Ride performance, durability, and appearance

Every level of cyclist from beginner to seasoned pro can profit from a simple upgrade to a carbon wheelset. Improved ride quality, increased responsiveness, and an enhanced ‘feel’ for the trails are all notable rewards for such a decision. SPENGLE wheels are also built to last and come with a lifetime warranty, so customers can rest easy in the knowledge that these wheels are dependable.

What else is there to say about appearance? If you want to psyche out the opposition, roll onto the start grid with carbon underneath you. The Spengle Carbon Monocoque wheel goes one step further and not only offers carbon fibre, but a totally spoke-free design.

What are the disadvantages of carbon fibre mountain bike wheels

Woah, woah, woah! I hear you all cry; what about the downsides of carbon fibre wheels? What of the terrible braking especially in the wet? The brittle and fragile susceptibility of wheels going over a pothole? The extortionate cost of owning a pair?

Spengle Carbon wheel


Well, dear reader, let me put your mind at ease. Yes, it is true, carbon fibre wheel rims are atrocious to stop in the wet, but with the advent of disc brakes any potential pitfalls of such inadequate rim brakes are overcome, resulting in no reduction in braking performance.


Older variants of carbon fibre were without doubt more vulnerable to cracks and expensive repairs, however, SPENGLE use a ‘monocoque’ design which distributes all stresses and forces evenly across the entire structure, minimising the chance of wheel failure. We only recently came back to building wheels, because the tech is finally at a point where we can confidently build the best possible enduro wheels.


SPENGLE wheels, although more expensive than some aluminium alternatives, are competitively priced in the carbon fibre market. Wheels have long been established as the first-choice upgrade to achieve a significant gain in any type of cycling. They’re the only point of contact with the ground and therefore acquire the biggest frictional impact slowing the rider. A good hub and equally responsive wheel rim combo, finished off with an appropriate tyre make pedalling and riding feel effortless.

The future’s bright, the future’s obsidian.