We’ve forensically re-examined all our processes: tweaking, experimenting, and evolving the internal structure of the wheel, and the results are in… We’ve reduced the weight by 15%, and at the same time increased its strength by 24%.

Those are the numbers – but what do they mean?

This means that for you, the rider, it accelerates quicker, rolls smoother, and turns faster – with all the safety features you would expect from us backed up by our lifetime guarantee.

By altering the layup of the carbon fibres we have been able to increase strength in the rim walls, making them even more resilient against a rock-strike type of sideways impact.

So whether that is a low-pressure trail impact, or a high-pressure kerb impact, the wheel itself is now stronger than ever, with the structure of the carbon able to distribute the impact forces away from the site – and away from the rider – giving you a smoother, more comfortable, and ultimately safer bike ride!

We’ve done this whilst also trimming off 15% of the total wheel weight.

By removing fibres from areas in which they were redundant, and changing alignments in some areas where they were required, we have been able to reduce the weight to 1950g.

Because of how the wheel is constructed in comparison to spoked wheels, we have more mass in the centre, and less on the edges.

This means that the SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque is more responsive to rider input, able to turn faster with less effort, and as RedBull said “makes them ride lighter than we thought they might”

We swapped out a pair from an early customer and gave them a new set to see how they got on with them, the result?

“The wheels are incredible…with great feelings on rock gardens and jumps”

So there you have it; a focus on continual improvement in the product and processes has led to increased strength, reduced weight, and a drop in price to pass some of those efficiency savings across to you!

Get your hands on the fastest, safest, and most exciting wheel on the planet!

And now you can also spread the payments with Klarna!