The SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque introduces new FailSafe technologies, crafted with aerospace precision to deliver the most enjoyable riding experience.


Optimised for rider safety, the SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque sets new standards in carbon technology.


Original Spengle three-spoke design leaves you in complete control of your riding experience.


Unique 3-blade design.

The perfect blend of Swiss engineering and Italian carbon fibre delivering a ride like no other.

Confidence with every rotation.

Bespoke crafted materials, delivering bold looks and a stunning experience.


F1-inspired engineering.

The SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque reduces vibration to keep you in control, from city streets to mountain passes, it’s the ultimate ride.

perfected design.

Simple to clean and maintain, the carbon monocoque structure means no more fussing with tools, just wipe and go.


Every set of SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque Wheels is accompanied by a lifetime warranty.

No questions, just pure customer service. SEE OUR GUARANTEE    

designed for fun.

With an unwavering eye towards delivering the ultimate customer experience, the SPENGLE team set about to create the most advanced bike wheel on the planet. Using only the most premium materials and cutting-edge manufacturing processes, we looked to the automotive and aerospace industries to harness the very latest in engineering technology. The end-result is a wheel that delights on every ride, with it’s stunning looks and precision engineering the SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque provides a riding experience like no other; engineered for serious fun.


Featured on…

Spengle has reinvented the wheel… with a custom layup and proprietary bonding method for its retro-futuristic aesthetic. – Wired Magazine

From the first turns on corners and berms you can certainly feel the stability and fluidity of the wheel…
But it’s the indestructible feel of the wheels, that may be Spengle’s biggest selling point. – Red Bull  

Spengle are back. The brand new wheels look a lot like the old version but the technology has advanced massively. – GMBN Tech

The SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque Wheel has been constructed using state-of-the-art materials and processes from the aerospace and formula one industries.


Get the bare wheels and manage the mounting yourself, or via the assistance of your local bike shop.

EUR 1,490.-


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