We field on a daily basis a variety of questions about the SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque wheels, which is normal with a groundbreaking product: what are they for? mountain bike or road bike? Why carbon? And what do we have against spokes? We’re always available to answer those burning questions, so you can better understand how we’ve come full circle from idea to product and why the SPENGLE Carbon wheels are the best you can get on your bike.

Why Carbon?

Let’s start with an easy one: why did we choose carbon as the material? Carbon, or as some call it “carbon fibre,” is layered into a finished product and fixed with a synthetic resin. The biggest advantage of carbon is its excellent weight:stability ratio, which makes it far superior to aluminium and other materials used. This material allows us to create shapes and functions that would be unthinkable with other materials – if you think of carbon as a tool to achieve a goal, then it is the most versatile, practical, and appropriate tool available.

We don’t have anything against aluminium wheels, but if you are seeking to create the most advanced bike wheel on the planet, it makes sense to use the most advanced materials in processes to do that thing.

What about spokes?

Enough of the material – let’s get on to the next big innovation: the spokes (or lack thereof). The fundamental design of a spoked wheel has not changed since the invention of the bike wheel back in the 1800s and with good reason – let’s be honest it was pretty good, and for its time the bike wheel helped the shape the course of human history, however that was indeed the 1800’s…

The expression that one should not reinvent the wheel, on the other hand, is ridiculous: for 150 years, engineers have struggled to improve existing technology, always returning back to the idea of a central hub with separate spokes emanating from it. However, there is always room and need for development and innovation, especially in our market – and just because something is hard doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look to do it.

Innovation at SPENGLE

At SPENGLE, we spent three years and millions of euros in research to do just that, and are able to present the product you see today. Our production processes are designed so efficiently that we can offer our hand-finished wheels in high volumes and superior quality at a reasonable price. Everything within our production facilities is custom built, we’ve challenged not just our own engineering teams, but also the companies we work with, to create machinery and tooling that is bespoke to us – from the molds to the axial testing machinery, right the way through to the plasma bonding tool, it’s all unique, boundary pushing, and packed with innovation – just like SPENGLE!



Ultimately all the technology and innovation comes to naught if we don’t create a product which can accompany you on every ride. We’re so confident in the end result of our endeavours that we offer a lifetime warranty for our wheels. In the highly unlikely event you manage to damage your SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque wheels, get in touch and we’ll sort out a replacement. No fuss, no hassle, we want you back out riding! You can’t get better than that!

So, once your SPENGLE Carbon wheels arrive, just install them and let the real fun begin. What are you waiting for?